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One God in Three Persons

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                                  One God in Three Persons

This is a mystery topic that we can never have a perfect explanation.           
Because it is the greatest mystery of all mysteries; thus, talking about One God-in Three Persons is similar to a math teacher who tries to explain to a three-month old child about geometry of space, trigonometry, locus etc.… and hoping that he will understand.  Even the experts on theology are very careful when explaining this mystery since it is always considered to be “the highest mystery” of Christianity. This essay has been presented to the Knights of  Fatima and the Knights of  Rosary in Santa Ana on the Solemnity of the Mother of God in 2018.(Jan. 01.2018).

  A. God is eternally self-existent:

       -  Self-existence: referred to self-existed which means nobody ever created it. “Ego Sum Qui Sum.”-“I AM WHO I AM”, the words God had spoken to Moses in a burning bush.Alpha_and_Omega_book

       -Eternally self-existence: Alpha and Omega.  Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet signifies being infinite in the future and Alpha is more complex, also defined as infinite, but in the past.  It is a little bit difficult to understand, however, in the mathematical concept, we already have this phenomenon explained such as:

When a math teacher drew a straight line, put a point O on it and called it the Present. From that point O, he moved far to the left and drew a sign and called it negative infinity (see picture 1). From the point O, again he moved far to the right, drew a sign and called it positive infinity (see picture 1). We all had memorized and accepted this concept. Therefore, in this case, we just simply replaced negative infinity by Alpha (A) and positive infinity by Omega (Ω) (see picture 2).

  -∞   -------------------------------O--------------------------------+∞ (picture 1)

   A ----------------------------------O--------------------------------- Ω (picture2)

From this mathematical concept, we could conclude that God is the Great Alpha and Omega whose existence surpasses both the past and the future.

   B. One God in Three Persons. Even we are familiar with the terms from hearing it repeatedly; it still remains incredulous to many people.  However, the Mystery of the Triune God already appeared in the Book of Genesis, especially in 1:26 and 3:22;11, 7 and in Isaia: 11, 2; 48, 16; 61, 1-3…

Please refer to the mentioned passages if anyone wishes to verify them.

Especially it is recommended to read Gen 1:26 in English:  God said, “LET US make man in our image.” Atheists ridiculed and criticized why the word “image” not written in a plural form since the subject is in plural form.  And yet, believers confirmed that this verse referred perfectly to the ONE GOD in THREE PERSONS. It made sense!

The quotations are not clearly expressed  but implicit. They strongly support the teaching of Jesus Christ about the “Triune God” later.

     Can Mythology help?

It was told that the good gods, out of compassion for the poor plight of good people, had granted them the power to turn rocks into gold. That was a Vietnamese fairy tale.

Greek mythology on the other hand also had an enormous influence on religion, science, literature, philosophy and astronomy : Some believed that the name Deus from Latin derived from the Greek word Zeus which means the greatest of all gods.  He was married to Hera who was immortal like Him. He disliked cold rice at home, but preferred hot rice at restaurant (as a figure of speech - it implied that He was a womanizer full of lust). Legend said that he descended from Mount Olympus and engaged in sexual intercourse with a mortal woman, Lady Alcmene.  This union between god and mortal had given birth to a son named Hercules.  To make his son immortal, Zeus planned to have Hercules drink Hera’s milk while she was asleep.  However, when Hera woke up and pushed the baby away.  The sweet milk from her breasts splashed across the sky and stayed there forever.  Thus, a new galaxy had been formed from this incident.  Astronomers called it the “Milky Way” or in French “Voie Lacte” or in Vietnamese “Giải Ngân Hà “. Long time ago, when speaking about one God in Three Persons, priests used to preach that God the Father recognized and loved His perfect Image which is His Son. The reciprocal love that the Son had for the Father produced the perfect LOVE which is the Holy Spirit. Many people believed in the power of the gods and they worshiped these gods by building temples, pagodas and monuments in their honor. Christians believed in one Almighty God. He had the omniscient power to create heaven and earth and all things out of nothing. It is obvious that God had used His power to transform His Image into a person, His son, and His Love into another person, the Holy Spirit. That event happened since infinitely eternity.

          Simon Le, Chairman of The Arch Confraternity of The Most Holy Rosary.

          Ph: 805 815 1581. Email : simonle131@gmail.com    


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BỔ NHIỆM THƯ -Chiếu đề nghị của Ban Chấp Hành Tổng Hội Mân Côi Hoa Kỳ. -Chiếu đề nghị của các Hiệp Sĩ Mân Côi tại TP Las Vegas – Hoa Kỳ. -Chiếu nhu cầu bổ sung nhân sự. -Chiếu thành tích phục vụ của đương sự. Nay Bổ Nhiệm: Hiệp Sĩ : Hiệp Sĩ MARIA DUNG NGUYỄN Giữ nhiệm vụ: HỘI TRƯỞNG Bổ Nhiệm Thư nầy có hiệu lực kể từ ngày ký. Mọi văn kiện có trước trái với Văn Thư nầy đều được bãi bỏ.
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